Students can ask questions during the class or contacting over the phone.Under each section more than 100 mcq's are done.Theory & Paper Classes are available.
In paper classes initially MCQ structured essay questions , essay questions are given section-vice according to Units. Questions are discussed & answers are explained according to the marking scheme.Always students are trained even to make their own marking scheme.In theory classes syllabus is covered to obtain 90 to 93 marks by the end of January of their exam year.
After January full papers are given in paper classes for assessing the students knowledge and advise them individually.Minimum of ten full papers are done before the August Exam. Students are forced to do past papers at home according to well planed timetable and difficult questions are discussed in the paper class .When the syllabus is covered in theory class it will be converted to a rapid revision class.

Practicals can be done in our lab.