Dev Sir's physics class was one of the few constants I had with me throughout an A/L experienced riddled with changes and covid uncertainty. This was the only physics class I attended. There are 4 factors which made Sir's class exceptional to me. They were, the abundant resources, approachability, presentation and flexibility offered to me. Sir had broad explanations on all curricular subject matter coupled with a deep and diverse question bank. He supplemented this with practical demonstrations provided through his personal lab. Sir put me at ease and I was never hesitant to ask questions from him. He was accommodating of our personal needs and was flexible with his schedule. He related funny anecdotes to between lessons to relieve our tension. There was never a dull moment in class.



At the beginning of Grade 12, I attended various physics classes, but I found the teaching styles incompatible for me until I joined Devaprriya Sir's class. His class was unlike any I had experienced during my A-Levels. The main distinction is that Sir conducts classes in small groups, making it easier for him to provide individual attention to each student and assign different workloads based on their current competency levels. Additionally, he constantly motivated us during his classes by giving us organized sets of questions every week, both to work on in class and at home. The fact that Sir is a very approachable person who clears every single doubt is an added advantage that is unavailable in most large classes. There was never a dull moment, as Sir is a person with diverse experiences who shares interesting stories every class.



I am Kaviru Methnuka from Royal College. I was the 11th in the District and 33rd in the island in the Biology stream, at the 2021 ALs. Physics became my favourite subject soon after I started my AL period, and I can undoubtedly say that our Sir, Dr. Devapriya was one of the main reasons. The main thing I like about his teaching is his foolproof, highly descriptive, yet easily understandable note. Apart from that, he made us do a wide variety of standard questions, under each and every section in our syllabus. So basically, studying his notes and understanding and analyzing all his questions would be more than adequate to obtain a very impressive result at the ALs. He specifically taught us how to think practically about Physics problems. He gave us additional practical knowledge we might need to answer questions based on various practical scenarios. For example, he taught us the basic mechanisms of a washing machine, AC system, tachometer and many other appliances used in day to day life. This certainly helps us at the AL exam because basing questions on practical scenarios is a trend seen among current exam paper setters. And apart from all this, he’s a very nice, kind and friendly gentleman. He is always available and just one phone call away to clarify any doubts we have on the subject, in the dead of night and even in the middle of his lunchtime. I’m saying this with personal experience. He has regular friendly chats with his students and maintains a great student-teacher relationship with all his students. He is a teacher that made a great impact on my life. I’m grateful to him for everything and I wish him all the very best.



Devappriya sir is not only a great physics teacher but also a kind mentor. Sir’s method of teaching is unlike any other. He gives in-depth explanations for every new theory and makes sure each and every one of us understood clearly. He patiently listens to all our queries and clears our doubts. He is very approachable, kind and always very encouraging. He gives every possible type of question that could be asked in a certain section and explains them clearly. He also focuses on teaching us as to how to answer the paper. His various tips on how to answer mcqs and 2nd part questions were extremely useful. He also trains us to answer questions correctly and quickly. Devappriya sir is a versatile, experienced and a well qualified teacher and I am immensely blessed to have been a student. Thank you for everything sir and may God bless you! -Soshana Suvendiran



First of all I have to appreciate the amount of hard sums he gave us…that gave us motivation to work more with harder sums. And the thing I noticed in sirs class is people who do not work hard may dropout, which remains with the spirit whom will actually get a good grade by following Devapriya sirs plan of work. The effort sir put into his classes should be really appreciated. Thank you once again sir.



2020 AL STUDENT 3A'S I’m Warren Jayakumar from Wesley College. I sat for the G.C.E A/L in 2020 and obtained 3 A’s in the physical science stream. I would like to share my three years’ experience with Devapprya sir. Sir has always been a kind, friendly and supportive person to us. He motivated us throughout 3 years and enabled us to do our best at the exam. He is so passionate and he really wants his students to understand the subject. I really appreciate how he reviews the topic before moving onto the next one. He gave us tutorials for all of the lessons which contained a large variety pf questions. Sir really cares for all his students and he makes sure we understand the material, he spends a lot of time and effort in his classes. When we were facing challenges during the lockdown period, sir was so helpful and he met us online where we discussed his model papers and continued with the lessons. I thank sir for all the help he has done for me and I wish him the very best for the future.


2020 AL 3A'S

2020 AL STUDENT 3A'S "Devapriya Sir's method of teaching is very productive, as he breaks down the concepts in a lesson to a clear,precise and compact explanation.The examples Sir used in different parts of the lesson really helped me to understand the reasoning behind it. The notes Sir provided us regarding practicals were really helpful because if you go through them you do not need to refer to anything else as Sir has already filtered out the most important points. Physics is a subject where it does not matter how many questions you do, but the number of different types of questions you practice relevant to a topic.Dev Sir's tutes and mcqs helped me to practice many different types of questions that was helpful in doing the mcq and essay parts in the A/L exam. Sir's well structured teaching plans and the effort he put to teach us even during the pandemic through online methods helped many of us to cover the full syllabus and be well prepared to answer questions from different parts of the syllabus in the exam. In addition Sir's friendly demeanour and open minded approach towards a pupil's need, helped me to clear any doubts and misconceptions about the subject. Also the study environment is a small group class which enables you to ask any question regarding the subject matter easily and sort out any queries then and there. Finally I would like to mention that the methods that Dev Sir mentioned regarding how to approach a question,how to select the most suitable questions and how to properly manage the available time period for the paper were instrumental in me doing my physics paper well and getting an 'A' pass in my A/L exam." Thanks & Regards, Azeer Aslam.



I got an A for physics because of two aspects of devapriya sir's class. The first was his clear method of explanation. Dr. Devapriya's notes are very thorough, and i could easily recollect sections that I'd forgotten by going through those. He would also constantly give us questions and examples while explaining certain theories to make sure we properly grasped the concepts. The second aspect was the work we did in the last few months in the paper class, where Dr. Devapriya would give every student personal attention and make sure that we were mentally prepared to face any kind of paper as well as checking if we were familiar with the subject matter. Aside from these, Devapriya sir paid special attention to the physics practicals that may appear in the paper, and gave us the confidence to face that part of the paper with ease. He would also occasionally relieve us of our boredom by telling us about his life experiences and his observations of the outer society. Overall i would recommend Dr. Devapriya's class to students of any level of competence as he has the experience required to handle all types of students.



I attended Dev sir's physics classes regularly from the beginning. At first it was a bit hard to adjust myself to sir's method, because it's not the commercial method used in most of the classes nowadays to make students and parents happy. Because A/Ls isn't an exam students can get good results just by blindly copying down sums solved by the teacher on the board, Dev sir trained us to do sums by ourselves, right from the beginning. It was a really big relief he had covered all the important lessons of the syllabus by December, so I had more time to allocate to time consuming work like Biology, while most of my friends who went to other classes were struggling in completing the syllabus. Above all, the main reason I could trust sir was because he is an open kind hearted teacher with a wonderful personality, a person whom you can go to anytime of the day with any stupid question coming across your mind. Sometimes we've spent hours before or after the class to clear our doubts, and sir was really cool about all that and would explain everything till we got it A to Z. I feel blessed to have such an amazing teacher in my life.



I managed to get an A for physics and qualify for the medical faculty despite having to face several injuries months before the exam and Devappriya Sir played a huge role in my achievement. Not only he is highly qualified, he has a vast knowledge on the subject , but he is a very skilled teacher that can teach any type of student. The study environment at the Dev Physics Centre is very suitable for students to get involved in the subject as it's a small group class with physics all around you. Deva sir is very good at patiently analyzing and breaking down questions and practicals in the class so that we could deal with any types of questions in the exam. Students also get to take part in practicals themselves and various types of tests are conducted to prepare for every section of the A/L exam paper. Sir's theories are also very clearly and completely taught, discussing various day to day life applications making the lessons more relatable to us and easier to understand. So, for anyone looking for an A/L physics class, I would easily recommend Devappriya sir.



I was really lucky to be a student of Devappriya sir’s because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have received the result I got. A/L is not about just writing a correct answer for a question, it’s about tackling the whole paper in a way to get maximum marks from what we know. For that a complete set of notes of the whole syllabus is a must, Which I did get from Devappriya sir according to the way he planned to give us those during the first few days of the class. Writing the answer is the other most important factor for taking down the paper. That differs from MCQs to Structured Essay to Essay questions. Devappriya sir pays a well balanced attention to everyone and makes us practice how to do them in the class it self. He organizes them amazingly frankly in a way some how he finds time to advise not only on A/L but on life too. Since his class is relatively small he pays attention to EVERY student with out just focussing on the brighter. Also he never skips anyone’s problem regarding subject matters, he solves them as soon as the student asks it then and there, it self. Also he covers each and every practical in the syllabus not by just explaining but also by letting students get involved in the practicals with him. Time management is the other major factor for A/L, which I was rubbish at in the beginning. But thanks to Devappriya Sir’s help I adjusted my answering methods in order to fit in to the limited time we had to complete the answer to obtain maximum marks. At the end I think what actually got me this result for Physics is because of doing what sir asked us to do and when he wanted us to do it.



Sir, your method of teaching is really effective because you highlight the points that are important making it easy to study and also it teaches us to think outside the box which is essential to get good grades in the exam. Sir the most important thing in your teaching is that you highlight theory points as well as practical points which is really important to get marks in the questions regarding the practicals. The notes are short and sweet easy to study, Thank you sir for the personal advice on how to study which really helped a lot. The large number of questions we did helped us achieve good results I would never have achieved my dream of getting three A’s without the guidance and teachings of Deva sir. Devin Yasith




Dev sir's class is not only a place of education, but a place to learn important life skills. Sir's teaching methods are unique to him. They not only captured the most intelligent, but also the back benchers of the class. We were always exposed to a friendly environment and sir made himself approachable not only to any question regarding subject matter, but also any issue in general. Sir had a well structured scheme of work; especially during the last few months we practiced targeted questions both specific to individuals and important study areas. All in all sir wasn't just a physics teacher but he was a mentor who taught us lessons worth a lifetime.