• Experience of the teacher
  • Never listen to the teachers who condemn other tuition classes, tuition teachers due to personal issues. Some teachers condemn some classes and try to promote their friend's classes .  
  • Always inquire about the class from past students who achieved their goals or other parents who recommend a class.
  • Select a teacher who does not criticize other classes, teachers and waste  the time in the class.
  • See whether the syllabus is covered by allocating evenly distributed duration's for each unit without doing more units in last few months. Normally, last few months before the examination all 3 subjects work load is there which is unbearable.
  • Initially slowly going classes seem to be good apparently but in the long run they rush through the units and students may not understand properly
  •  Whether more questions are done in the class regularly in other words more tutorials are done in the class.
  • Certain students initially go for 2 classes and select the better one. They select mostly the slowly teaching class wrongly, since the students do not consider about the way the syllabus is covered.